A blog about a blog? What fresh hell is this?

Insofar as I have a “regular” blog or website, this one you’re reading here today is what I would consider to be the “home base.” It’s where the vast majority of my posting will go, as it is a stable platform that I know has some sense of permanence that I can’t screw up.

That being said, I’m always interested in new things, and last night, I decided to take advantage of Keybase‘s ability to serve up a static website via their KBFS filesystem, and installed Hugo on my laptop and tried (and failed, and tried, and failed, ad nauseum) to set up a basic static site.

It kinda worked. There’s a lot of tweaking that I need to do.

Odds are, the template will be changed and/or tweaked and/or broken completely by my meddling in files that I have no business meddling in.

As it currently stands, I have 2 posts on the Hugo site. Both are just flotsam at this point.



On Puri.sm and Librem and kerfuffles

There has been a lot of discussion over the past couple days about Puri.sm’s big announcement of the librem.one suite of services.

Truth be told, I don’t have enough of a strong programming and licencing background to fully understand what all the hubbub is, but here’s what I do know, from the perspective of my knowledge as it stands today.Read More »

Well that didn’t take long…

Just a short time after deciding upon Debian as my Linux distribution of choice, it would appear that it actually became my distro du jour.

After struggling to get my touchpad working properly, and not wanting to jump through what appeared to be a convoluted system of hoops to get my wireless printer functioning, I decided that life is too short to spend it trying to fine-tune a computer’s basic functionality, and that I would be much better served jumping to a distribution that is still light-weight enough to be usable on this computer, but also functional enough that I can worry about tweaking the fun parts of the system without being bogged down with the necessities.Read More »

The hunt for the perfect Desktop Environment


I rather enjoy the ease of use of Cinnamon, which was my first desktop environment upon my return to the land of Linux. I originally had installed Mint, and Cinnamon is the default desktop environment for that distribution.

However, as it turns out, Cinnamon can be a little heavier on the system resources, and as I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I am on a mission to get the most out of this laptop (despite the specs of the laptop appearing as though it should be able to handle something a little more substantial).

Read More »

Finding my Linux flavor

Since the late 90s when I first discovered Slackware 4 (I think? It’s been so long) at the encouragement of one of my best college pals, I have been interested in Linux.

Then I got lazy. When a computer would crap out on me, I would buy whatever inexpensive Windows laptop I could afford at the time, and never took the time to set up a dual-boot, or install Linux.Read More »