A blog about a blog? What fresh hell is this?

Insofar as I have a “regular” blog or website, this one you’re reading here today is what I would consider to be the “home base.” It’s where the vast majority of my posting will go, as it is a stable platform that I know has some sense of permanence that I can’t screw up.

That being said, I’m always interested in new things, and last night, I decided to take advantage of Keybase‘s ability to serve up a static website via their KBFS filesystem, and installed Hugo on my laptop and tried (and failed, and tried, and failed, ad nauseum) to set up a basic static site.

It kinda worked. There’s a lot of tweaking that I need to do.

Odds are, the template will be changed and/or tweaked and/or broken completely by my meddling in files that I have no business meddling in.

As it currently stands, I have 2 posts on the Hugo site. Both are just flotsam at this point.